Monday, May 12, 2008

I didn't have a baaaaaaaa-d time ...

Nope. It was a GREAT time at the NH Sheep & Wool Festival!!

What I bought at the NH Sheep & Wool Festival

And here are some of the meager goodies I bought. Believe me, I wanted to buy more. But I kept my spending to a minimum. To just the unusual or what was different for me and what I might not already have. Well almost. I did buy a little yarn. But the buy was great. Such as the Zephyr by 'A Touch of Twist' ... beautiful soft luscious lace yarn for only $4.99 a skein for 300 yards each of merino & silk. I couldn't resist.
Zephyr by 'A Touch of Twist'

I also couldn't resist ordering a lace scarf kit with an extra skein of yarn from Ball and Skein but I'll show you and tell ya about that when they get here since I ordered those from The Knitspot rather than picking out what was at the booth on the fair grounds. I wanted to see more color choices.

But I also got this neat Song Bird Nesting Ball from the FiberDreams Processing Mill. They don't have a Web site, other wise I'd give that to you also. I think this is not only the neatest thing but really fun and pretty to look at hanging up in your yarn or on a front porch. Birds can take puffs of wool roving or yarn from it for their nest building in the Spring. You just replace as needed. I love it!

Song Bird Nesting Ball

Oh BTW, there really is bird seed in that feeder. It's another foot longer than what shows in the picture. Time to refill soon tho.

And see this colorful ball of fluff in my hands? Silk Noil

Well it's call "Silk Noil" and I understand that noil means scrap ends. I was looking around for something to go into my needle felting but didn't need regular supplies or roving. I wanted something different. Now this is DIFFERENT ... Silk Noil from the The Irish Ewe.

Silk Noil

Look at that beautiful bunch of color. The feel of it is amazing. It's all scrap ends to be used in spinning with other fibers or needle felting. It was only $3.00 for one ounce. Love it!

Now the other fun part of going this Fair has to wait until tomorrow. I'll show you all the faces of fiber that we saw there. Including my blogging friend Sara from FabricNFiberFanatic.

Can you believe there were no pictures of me taken?

Now how did a "Ham" like me manage that?

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