Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Somebody's got to Stop me ...

Oh what a liar I am. Didn't I say I wasn't going to bring my Credit Card to WEBs? Did I listen to myself? My intention was good, but I am so so weak. So so weak. What's new?

I can say I had a wonderful time ... but will I still feel that way when my CC bill comes in? Okay, the prices were great. The yarn was also wonderful. And the StitchingNut as usual had NO CONTROL! Don't ask how much I spent ... I would only lie to you anyways.

Look at this ...

Sale Stash

But let me start from the beginning ... It was a beautiful day!
WEB's Tent Sale

And to protect the guilty, I tried to get no faces in the pictures I took. So you know the area was even bigger than this and filled with even more activity. Right? And this is outside the store mind you.

After going to lunch at Sylester's Restaurant in town, Sylvester's Restaurant in Northhampton

we [another knitting friend who had more control than I did] went back to commit more criminal purchases inside the store. But we did do a lot of window shopping and I did run into 3 other knitting pals from M.I.T. [No names, to protect the innocent.] And I had to look over their baskets too. My oh my what a stash buster this WEBs is. I can honestly say I'm glad they're 2 hours from my home so this can be considered a special trip and occasion. Once a year!!!!

Oh what a wicked WEB we weave .... thank goodness my DH never asked me what I bought.

But this shawl stick was only $6.50 ... Shawl Stick

What yarn?

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