Friday, May 09, 2008

Should I take a chance and ...

Our Bleeding Heart

Tell you my weekend plans? Will the keeper of Murphy's Law get angry? Will he once again cause my plans to fall in? Will it rain on my parade?

Time will tell, because I'm going to tell ya anyway ...

We're heading up to Contoocook, New Hampshire and the Hopkinton Fair Grounds to the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival. I've never been and when I mentioned it to DH, never expecting a positive response, he said "Oh, I can do that."

Woo hoo ...

But please don't let it rain okay. I told him it wasn't going to rain up north. Only on the coast. Don't make a lier out of me, Weather Man.

Say did I show you one of the most beautiful Bleeding Heart plants around? Right in my back yard ... Our Bleeding Heart

From both directions it's outstanding ...Our Bleeding Heart

BTW, if I have to change my plans I suppose I'll just have to knit all weekend...Our Bleeding Heart oh what a shame.

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