Saturday, May 10, 2008

I is for I-cord Makers ...

I is for I-cord makers. Which do you use? Which is faster? Do you even make I-cords? I do. One is looser and best for creating felted I-cords. The other is tighter for when you want a sturdy cord and it's not to be felted.

And so … there you have it!
I = I-cord makers

I = I-cord makers.

Added note:
There are many styles of these little plastic I-cord makers out there. The one in my picture is the one I got because the top piece turns with my thumb and I don't have to turn the whole piece as I knit off the yarn over the ends at the top.

I had a homemade "knitter" when I was a kid. I used the ropes to make rugs & coasters. Anyway, the homemade kind were empty thread spools, which in the old days was made of wood and not plastic. (we could use those empty wood spools for all kinds of things ... called recycling today.)

Four nails were hammered into the wood evenly spaced around the hole in the spool. We either used a crochet hook or even a nail to lift the yarn off and over the yarn we wrapped around the top of the nails. We would give the rope that came thru the hole in the spool a gentle pull and your knitted rope would then appear to grow. Like I said, I then made little rugs or even coasters with the ropes.

If you don't like to make I-cords with DPNs, the little I-cord Maker or Knifty Knitter is worth a try. They're pretty cheap too ... not as cheap as my homemade one, but affordable.

And even a kid could do it while you did some REAL knitting, LOL.

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