Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A day for graduates ... and shopping.

Last Friday was commencement at M.I.T.
Congratulations Class of 2007!

I always love to see the graduates march to receive their diplomas. I took pictures this time. [not every year do I do this but this year I got a good spot with a view to take some.]

And guess what! I met a fellow Blogger. One that came from California for her own M.I.T. class reunion. We've been commenting on each other's blog for awhile now ... so it was real nice to meet her. Met Kim from Knits with a Silent K ...

Okay, she's a bit shy. But not me. Haha, she hasn't outed herself as a blogger yet, so I let her use my STR Grasshopper sock. We didn't have much time to visited since she & her DH were on their way to meet family for dinner, but we chatted the few minutes we did like ... well like, Mag Pies. And since my DH was there also the guys seem to gab up a storm themselves and both took pictures for us. Now is that a surprise or what? If she ever comes out again, I hope we can get together for lunch or tea or a Knit Feast. You too Mafia! Just let us know when you come out again, Kim.

And Kim gave me a couple of her Moo cards too. What's a Moo card? Like a business card on the other side it has her Blog Spot web site, email, and flicker address.

Just hand them out to people who want to know how to find you. Cool!

Take a look ... I want me some Moo cards too!!

Once again, I've had a busy day and only have time to post another cool purchase. I love sheep ... I love green ... I love jewelry.

So why not earrings of sheep with green faces?

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