Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leaving well enough alone ...

I'm done with the Open & Closed sign for SSFY.

But I have got to stop fiddling with it right? Does it look okay? Is it the best that it can be? Will Victoria like it? Will it suit the style of the shop?

Do I like it and is it really done?

I thought I was done yesterday. Thought no doubt about it. Until I got home. It had dwelled in my mind all day while I worked.

Needs some final needle punching to show off more details I think. Okay, work at that a little. Take some pictures. I'm done right?

Put it aside before I go nuts and ruin it. Why can't I? I've got other things to work on besides this one project. Other felting projects. Other knitting. And a really good book to read that has captivated me.

Got up this morning and ...

Oh ya, I need to add something else. Something I felt [yuk, yuk] it needed.

Isn't it a sign of a good artist [or even a writer?] to put a project aside, sleep on it so to speak, and look at it later or on another day? Ideas come to you in your sleep maybe. Additional elements appear in your mind's eye for improvements or changes that would make it better. In writing you edit and edit and re-edit, right? Does an artist do that also?

I don't know, but I think I could drive my self nuts if I let a project take over for too long. But now it's done ... Or is it? Do you see anything else that it needs? No?

Good. So I better get this out of the house soon before it takes on a life of it's own!

Back to that really good book [the other thing taking over my life right now.]

[Thanks to Laini Taylor

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