Monday, June 18, 2007

If I did more knitting and less shopping ...

maybe I could get something done!

New purchases either arrived in the mail last week or came home in my knitting bag ...This Mountain Colors from Yarns and Threads the beautiful Barefoot - Crazy Woman. 60% Superwash Wool, 25% Mohair, 15 % nylon ... soft and strong. Washable! Perfect for socks, shawls and baby clothes. Mountain Color yarns are all hand dyed. And believe me, it's yummy!

And then there's my latest purchase at SSFY [Seed Stitch Fine Yarn]. Sock yarn by Claudia Handpainted Yarns and buttons... oh ya, Victoria is now selling a variety of buttons. Yippy! Including two boxes on clearance from which I got mine. They're for a sweater vest I finished and I don't like the buttons already on it and the others will wait for the right projects to come along ... and BTW, SSFY is now on 21 Front St. Salem, MA.
That cute little card is from a my freind, Sammie and I thought it looked so cute. Especially with all the colors of some of my favorite sock yarns below. I don't have enough sock yarn do I? So I bought 3 more Sophie's Toes as soon as Emily from What's That Gonna Be? posted them in her Etsy Shophie's Toes Store. They go quickly when she posts them, but there are about 6 left if you want some. The colors below are [and BTW I love the names she gives her colors] Hunky Lifeguard, Id Like Mine with Extra Hot Sauce, and Seashells.
Whoohoo, I love these colors!

And looky here at the cute little gift I got from my friend, Dottie! She knit the little bag for the little gift that went inside ... that cute little silver sock stitch marker. Guess she knows I'm a sock knitter, huh? Thanks, Dottie!!

Oh yes, I've been knitting. Started the Math Whiz Friday morning about 8:30 am. Took a few pictures when I got the first 28 row pattern repeat completed. But got 3 of those repeats done before I went to bed.

As you see, I had to keep track of this one line by line. It's an easy & fun knit, but you don't want to loose track of which row your working. I also knitted a little over the weekend and I'm now on the foot. So maybe I can complete the first sock tonight and start the 2nd sock tomorrow morning. That's the plan anyways. So here's a few pictures before I sign off for the day ...Oh ya, I did work a little on this also ...

So when does the shopping stop?
Let's hope NEVER!!

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