Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've signed up for the Mystery Stole 3 !

I think I forgot to tell everybody about this ... but in case you didn't know about it and want to do a Mystery Stole also, there's still time to sign up here

Click to join mysterystole3

I signed up last week some time and got my yarn and beads in the mail yesterday. Pictures to come once I do a swatch. Yup, I'm doing a swatch ... doesn't everybody?

Over 2200 members from all over the World signed up so far.

That's over 2200 people knitting the same thing! Can you imagine?

There'll even be translators. I'm not an experienced lace knitter [not at all as a matter of fact], but I'm going to give this a try. I've been wanting a beautiful lace stole anyway and when I heard that it will also have beads knit in as you go [or not -- your choice], I was sold. And what fun it'll be that no one will know what it'll look like until we're done. Talk about knitting blindly, huh?

So what's up with all the knitting?

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