Sunday, June 03, 2007

Hey Ewe!

I thought I would have nothing to talk about today, but once I downloaded my camera I realized I had been taking pictures here and there throughout the weekend that I had forgotten about. Of course I haven't forgotten my garden. That's a compulsion for me during the Spring and Summer season. So now you're going to have to see my whole Iris bed. And of course my newly blooming Peonies.

Oh I love the Peonies!

And as the seedlings in my vegetable bed pop up out of the ground and hopefully produce some good eating, I've been trying out a new system. Well a new system of planting for me that is. I'll show you the books I started using to help me be more productive. The Great Garden Companions is a great guide to what to plant where and with whom as an companion each should be planted with. I'm also an Organic gardener and I never use pesticides.

Then there's the Garden Journal my friend, Sammie in Georgia made for me ...

It's a great place to keep track of what I've planted, where and also to hold the seeds I'll need for a mid-summer planting. See, I'll open it up to show you how I've been faithfully using it. I even drew a diagram of what I planted and where. It's so I can use the crop rotation plan next year also.

The reason I'm showing you all this is because when you start seeing pictures of my vegetable & herb garden you're going to see what looks like a jumbled mess of plants. But that's how the Great Garden Companions explains to do it and I needed to find a way of producing more in a small space and yet have it look "artful" ... Okay, we'll see if I've accomplished that later.

Next year, I'll even put some veggies out front, I think by gosh.

And what about my knitting? Oh ya, it's been rainy so I don't even need to water the gardens, so I've been trying to catch up on my Sock Earrings ... Los Lobe Hose Tiny Sock Earrings. I've even sold a pair to a friend that I see at the train station every day. Here they are ... what do you think.

Tiny huh?

And if you need a comparison ... here they are with the Sock Blocker socks that I recently knit. They're more than half the size ... maybe even less than 1/3. Believe me, I have to use Mags to knit these babies, LOL.

I've also got to show you what I bought a few weeks ago. Finally showing off my find. These cute sheepy Jacob Sheep Notecards to write up some quick notes on you know. There are four cards in the group. But I'm having trouble with one of them. The fourth one.

And ... notepad paper [from the same place] Jacob's Reward Treasures for Spinners, to write a longer letter maybe. Yah, I know ... I'm not a spinner [Yet], but I can't resist sheepy things. And "Hey Ewe" ... you want to see what I'm having trouble with?

That fourth card....

Is it obscene? Or ... is it only me?
And just who in the World would I want to send this card to?

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