Monday, June 25, 2007

Three day weekends may get me into trouble!

The weekend started on Thursday night for me and what a great day it was!

Look at the wonderful luscious homespun fiber I received as a gift from Weaver. She's the sister-in-law to another blogger at MIT and she just thought that I needed to try some homespun since I have never done so before. Sort of like having my fiber obsession cemented and ingrained into my very being so that I'll never wake up to my previous life again. I'll be hooked forever to knitting. I touched this Orange baby and it's now got a place next to my chair where I can pet it every night until I decide what to knit it up into. A Scarf?

And the pink ... well I've already got plans for that. How about something like the bag made up by Through the Loops! I simply love that bag. Perfect for knitting socks on the go. Yah, I need the right bag so I can knit my socks while I walk. If I want to loose more weight I need to do more walking and of course I don't want to take that much time away from my knitting either. That bag ... is my solution right?! But ... I know, I know ... that means I need to get out the sewing machine also. And I better make it soon if I want to get any walking done this Summer. Thank you, Weaver for contributing to my present affliction ... Yarn! Thank you, thank you.

And why did I say that "Three day weekends may get me into trouble?"

Well just look at my new local yarn shop [LYS] Seed Stitch Fine Yarn. Soon they'll be open 7 days a week. That's including Sunday afternoon. And considering how much I love to go there even if it's just to sit and knit the afternoon away, well it's also pretty tough not to buy anything while I'm there.

Front Street has become my most favorite street in Salem. Take a look ...
Head on over to 21 Front Street, Salem, MA.

Beautiful street huh?

And look at all the color when you step inside.
All this fiber is intoxicating!

and this is the perfect place to sit and knit ....

Could you resist?

Didn't think so.

And look .... just look what's across the street ...


The best street in Salem is also home to a candy/ice cream shop, boutique, flower shop, coffee shop, needlework shop, BEAD shop, and Quilting shop.

I've died and gone to heaven!

[Did I tell you I could walk here from my house if I wanted to?
It's less than a mile away!!]

No wonder I can't resist telling you about this place huh? But the trouble is ...

I came down here Saturday afternoon to buy this lamp at a Lighting Shop on the next street over and ...

spent 2 hours at Seed Stitch talking and knitting and ...

went home with ...

All of this ...

Yup, the bag and books. Not that I didn't want to fill it with yarn, but I had knitting with me so I put it in to keep me from thinking I would have to fill an empty bag. LOL

Somebody STOP ME from spending any more money! Please!!

Oh look who I'm talking too ... other knitting addicts. ;-)

I'm not done yet ... I have a confession to make. Mafia ... Cynthia, I made a mistake ... I'm not knitting the Math Whiz with Sophie's Toes "Grandma's Blueberry Pie" ...

When you mentioned that the color was brighter than your's, Mafia I went on home and dug through my stash and found the real "Grandma's Blueberry Pie" .... so what was I knitting with? Ah, "Old Blue Eyes" ... here's two pictures for comparison.

I discovered

a little more purple in Blueberry Pie and Old Blue Eyes is much bluer. You were right ... it's brighter.

I didn't knit much on the Math Whiz over the weekend tho. I had another project ... and it's almost done. I'll show you the start of it ... it's for SSYF's front door.
But you're only looking at what I started. Hope to have it done tonight and then I'm working on another needle felting project for my class in the fall.
First the sign ...

BTW ... the other side will say "Closed"
And there just isn't anything funny to say about that!

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