Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Socks, socks, socks!

For my feet!!

Let me present the Math Whiz. For one foot anyways. Just have to sew in the ends. I LOVE this sock! I loved knitting the pattern and have cast on for the 2nd sock this morning.

At every angle [that I can photograph my own foot with] it looks great!

For my ears!

That's right ... ears. Sock jewelery. I sold 2 pair to a friend and here they are. And the 3rd pair are for me [the orange pair of course]. To show you how small they are, here are each pair next to ...
tooth picks.

The knitting needles used to knit these babies are size 0000. Just a little bigger than the tooth picks. Needless to say, I use magnifying glasses while I knit these. Takes me a couple of hours.
And with no mistakes if I'm not watching TV at the same time.

I know what some people are thinking ... I have got to get a LIFE right?

But I'm having so much fun with the one I've got.

Vieva la socks!!

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