Monday, January 21, 2008

And what am I knitting?

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And the answer to my question:

Besides those little sock earrings that keep multiplying?

Well let's see ...

you all know about the Poetry in Stitches pg 126 sweater, right?

Poetry in Stitches sweater 126 It's going to take me years on size one needles!

But then there's a valentine's gift I'm doing for the DH. Yah ... can you believe he was lookning thru the Knit Picks flyer that comes in the mail before I got home and says to me, "There's a sweater in there that I would love to have." What? A KNIT sweater? Let me show you, he says. Well it's a sweater VEST. NO sleeves. He loves it. Shouldn't I knit it? Doesn't this give me a reason to go out and buy more yarn, because of course I don't already have the right yarn for this project? The beige in the Knit Picks flyer isn't right for him of course. So I said, "A blue or grey would look really nice on you wouldn't it?" "Or RED," says the man.

Whoo-hoo I found cranberry red Cleckheaton Country 8ply at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn's year end close out sale. A SALE! So I cast on another project ... can I get it done in time for him to wear when we go out to dinner on Valentine's Day? Time will tell.
Zipped Vest

I was suppose to teach a class in "Painting with Wool" at Seed Stitch this Sunday but it had to be postponed and rescheduled for February 17. The "Sculpture with Wool" class I was going to give will now be held on March 16, 1-4 ... in case you're interested in joining me for a class. And here's what we'll be making ...

Felted Teddy at SSFY
Felted Teddy at SSFY
Felting Teddy
Felted Teddy at SSFY

I've got to run now.Felted Nome

Many things are going on "behind the skeins"
at the StitchingNut's ...

p.s. Don't foreget there's a contest to check out at Shut Up, I'm Counting ... tell her the StitchingNut sent you.

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