Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Did I forget?

Did I forget to show you my socks? The final FO for 2007. I finished them on the airplane December 24th and took pictures at my sister's, but had no way to post them. I got back on December 31st and posted them just in time for the Sock A Month KAL. But forgot to show them to you. But ... better late than never, I say.

I love these socks. I'm even going to make sock earrings to match 'em. Got one mini-sock done for those already and just waiting for the weekend to do the other. So here I present my Holly Berry Leaf socks ...

The yarn is Yummee Yarn
Colorway: Knit This, Purl That
Gifted to me by Kim at Knits with a Silent K.
Used size One DPNs cuff down.

Holly Berry Leaf Socks
Holly Berry Leaf Socks

No matter which way I look at them ... I LOVE 'em!

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