Saturday, January 12, 2008

A contest for you and a super prize to boot.

DH will be out for the afternoon on an errand, but said he would draw the winner of the contest from the previous post for me when he gets back ... SO, I'm going to show you the prize and will also extend the time for entries a couple of hours. Let's say 4:00 pm today, okay? DH will be home around 4:00pm and I'll post the winning name by tonight or tomorrow morning.

I also have an FO to show off! But first the prize ...

Have I lost my mind? ... Actually "yes" ... I accidentally bought 2 of these books and didn't realize it until I started organizing my bookcase. So I don't even know WHEN I did it. Therefore, no returning. But I bet one of you will enjoy it. Don't you just love those fingerless mitts? So just let me know "What Fiber am I?"

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