Monday, January 07, 2008

Christmas added to my stash ...

Since the Holidays are now over I should up date you all on a few of the interesting goodies I got.

First, a lovely oil painting by our son in law, Mike.

gift from our son inlaw

You know how I love Art (all kinds) and artistic talent and receiving a gift by the talented person who did it themselves is one of the best gifts ever. [well after all, they might get something homemade from me also] Isn't this oil painting beautiful? Now we have to find the right spot for it in our home and I'm thinking ... the Dining Room.

And here's a beautiful gift the DH gave me for Christmas... well he gave me the Gift Certificate from Seed Stitch Fine Yarn and this shawl pin jumped right into my basket along with all the yarn I got on sale.

shawl pin

What yarn did you say?

Adrienne Vittadini Carmela Cashmere Grignasco Cashmere PDRM2705_edited Organik
and three different colors of Lamb's Pride ... Lambs Pride
Never mind how many skeins, LOL. Especially the Cashmere ... you'll just have to check it out in Ravelry or wait until I finally knit up some FO's.

Now I REALLY have to stop shopping! Honestly, a gift certificate for the right place just burns a hole in my pocket and drags some green stuff right along with it. Even plastic can be affected.

So while I work on the next project, here's an up date of me with a few of the grandkids taken at out little family Christmas party.

Aren't they absolutely adorable?


The girls all got Knitted Sock earrings from me and note that they're even wearing them for the picture. And even the slippers I made for the Munchkin fit. They stayed on her feet the whole day too.


So if the Munchkin and her gang are happy with what they got it's now time for me to get down to business and make some FO's appear for 2008.

Happy New Year!

[Late on the New Year's cheer but the new year doesn't start for me until my Birthday ... Tomorrow!] ;-)

I just got the best birthday gift ever ... a call from a sister to let me know that Dad has been off the ventilator for 24 hours now and the doctors say that his condition is "this side of a miracle" ... just what we've been praying for. He may be out of ICCU soon. Of course he's not out of the woods and things are still serious, but this time 2 weeks ago we thought we'd be facing something totally different. There are choices that our Dad needs to make and we would rather they be his choices and that he's at home to make them. We love you Dad!

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