Thursday, January 10, 2008

What Fiber are You?

Have you taken this quiz yet at Potter's Craft News?

What Fiber are You?

Go ahead and find out which one you are by clicking on the link above, take the quiz and come on back to tell me which one you are and then ...

Let me know "which one do you think I am?"

What fiber category would the Stitchingnut fit into? Take an educated guess. You know me right?

I took the quiz already and downloaded the button ... so I'll install it here later today or maybe tomorrow. Maybe I should make this a contest. Okay ... I will.

Everyone who puts in the correct conjecture will have their name put into a hat and I'll have the DH draw for the winner.

I'll come up with a prize later. [will be a Book or Yarn - stay tuned!] To give you all some time to put in your guess ... I'll post my button on Saturday afternoon, January 12 and the winner's name also. So the deadline is Saturday at NOON.

Woohoo a Contest!

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