Sunday, January 13, 2008

Are you a Hippie?

Another quiz spotted at Sara's. I think she's addicted to these quizzes ... but who am I to talk?
Am I a Hippie? ... Nope, not exactly.

I'm Not Exactly a Hippie...

While you're not a hippie, you've got the spirit of one.
Like most hippies, you have deep beliefs and unusual interests.

You may not buy into hippie fashions, music, or heavy drug use.
But at heart, you are a free spirit and suspicious of the status quo.
Are You a Hippie?

And here's one that I found interesting ... What Kind of Pie are You?

And me?
I Am Apple Pie

You're the perfect combo of comforting and traditional.
You prefer things the way you've always known them.
You'll admit that you're old fashioned, and you don't see anything wrong with that.
Your tastes and preferences are classic. And classic never goes out of style.

Those who like you crave security.
People can rely on you to be true to yourself - and true to them.
You're loyal, trustworthy, and comfortable in your own skin.
And because of these qualities, you've definitely earned a lot of respect.
What Kind of Pie Are You?

And ...

My Nail Polish Color is Pink

How you're unique: You're girly without being high maintenance

Why your style rocks: You're the perfect blend of stylish, preppy, and cute

What this color says about you: "I am secure enough not to follow every trend"

Well ... I really don't follow every trend!

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