Saturday, May 12, 2007

Before I go on Vacation ...

As our Cheery tree looses the last of it's blossoms I write this. Here's a picture while it was almost in full bloom last weekend. It was the last chance to sit in the backyard before the flowers were gone. Happens very quickly. But now all the leaves are out and it'll be like sitting in an outdoor living room. [Click on the picture to get an enlarged view. Nice huh?]

I also want to let you know that I'll be popping in only once in awhile this coming week. I'm on vacation! Hurray!!! It's an "at home" vacation ... cleaning, gardening, organizing and ... of course knitting. I did want to do a little bragging tho ... not about my knitting ... but just that I've LOST 12 pounds! Only 43 more to go!! Okay that's a lot more to loose, but I'm determined to do it even if it's only 1/2 lb a week [like it has been]. But it's a lifetime commitment now.

I'm doing it by going to Weight Watchers. [in case you're interested]

I also want to show you one of the t-shirts I bought a few months ago [didn't fit well back then, so I held off showing you]. It's from, which a lot of you probably already know. But if you don't, check 'em out. Occasionally they have what us knitters really like but also neat shirts for gifts for other non-knitters in our lives. This one has not only sheep on it but it involves math ... and you know that I work in M.I.T.'s Department of Mathematics, right? I couldn't resist this one ... sheep AND math.

I realize you might not even know that those pictures were of me, right? I always do feel a little silly showing "headless" shots. So here I am wearing the shirt with at least my face showing. LOL, but without the top of my head only. Haha, at least you know it really IS me.

Now excuse me friends, but my garden needs some attention ...

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