Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day weekend flurry ...

No, not snow flurry ... a flurry of activity ... knitting for one thing. Yup, here's a FO posing for your approval. Rowan Kid Silk scarf. So soft. So luscious. So nice around the neck, never mind the fact that I love smelling it! I think it's the smell of the silk that makes it so irresistible.
My favorite color ... orange. It's done, done, done. Started in January, finished May 25, 2007.

Now I'll be back to one of my WIPs, the reversible cable scarf. I love this scarf also and it's going pretty fast since I only started it this last Saturday. Lily Chin would be proud!
So pretty with orange and purple.

As of this morning ... Saturday, I finished planting my Veggie garden. Just need to put down some straw or something for mulch. But the last of the seeds are in. Well until the early crop comes in. It is a small space, but I'll have a lot going on there soon.
I love my garden. I love eating from my garden too. Yum, yum, can't wait!

And because we're preparing for a big cookout here in our own backyard tomorrow, the DH and I have both worked for two days straight to prepare. The lawn, flower beds and backyard are all ready. And the house is clean enough so we are not be too embarrassed when someone goes inside.

Have you noticed that I love orange? I also love orange and pink together. And purple, red, yellow. I don't think there's a color in nature that I don't like.
I love 'em all!

Everything is ready, so I suppose I can sit down and take a break now. See that little pink knitted piece on the table below? Well it's a swatch. Yah, I know, I know, when does the Stitchingnut ever take the intelligent step of swatching before she begins something? But that's what I'm doing. Since I'm not using the yarn that the pattern calls for, I thought it best to make the wise, intelligent choice of getting gauge. I'll show it to you if I get the results I'm looking for.

Okay, okay ... you guys are tough. I'll show it to you either way. But when I'm done. Okay?

The good the bad and the ugly.
Back to my knitting ...

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