Friday, May 04, 2007

Book Signing with Lily Chin

Just a quick post to tell about the book signing in pictures. Lily Chin is a real nice lady and I do love her designs. I got her book Expressions and there's at least 5 or 6 things in there I want to knit. And believe it or not, yes I've already bought the yarn to make two of them. What? You do believe? Would you also believe I want to buy more, but I had to hold myself back?

Now I thought my friend Dottie had the right idea and left her credit card home. That's her with Lily signing her book because she had enough money with her to buy that. What? All the yarn she bought doesn't have to be paid for until it comes in? Ah ... it wouldn't have done any good to leave my credit card home either. But I resisted. Really I did. I already bought yarn, I told ya ...

Took a picture of the Seed Stitch gang of employees with Lily. Great bunch of people ...

And there I am with Lily. Bad hair day for me ... it's pulled back in a pony tail and I know even that doesn't do any good.

Okay, pick up my bags and get out of here. No yarn. Just the books I came in with are in that bag.

Really, now stop the snickering!

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