Monday, May 07, 2007

The grasshopper is back to work!

What a wonderful weekend filled with lots of activities. But all of it a pleasure. I even got some knitting done while sitting out in the backyard under the cherry tree. I love this tree! I love my backyard! Soon it'll be just like sitting in a living room outside my door. Once the leaves fill in all the trees and the hedges it'll be a beautiful green room spotted with flowers. Ah, the best place to be every Saturday. Is it a wonder that I don't bother with housework anymore? Gee ... when would I find the time to sit outside? And when would I find the time to knit? Well only when I'm not doing the housework, so ....
you know I'm not going to neglect my knitting right?

Between Friday night and Saturday afternoon with Lily Chin there were lots of yarn talk and much to learn about cabling. Lily is filled with lots of information and everyone really enjoyed themselves. I sure did! She can really get you to visualize what she means and demonstrate why it works, etc.

And as the winner to the Tea Cozy Contest, I was invited to go out to dinner with the owner of Seed Stitch, Victoria, Lily Chin, and two other knitters who help out at the Seed Stitch. While we waited for Lily, I took a picture of Darlene & Victoria modeling two of Lily's sweater coats. Then we all went out to dinner at the Passage to India. It was my first time there and it was wonderful. I took Lily's recommendation and had Lamb Saag. M-m-m-m, it was delicious!

Now it's time to get down to business and knit up some yarn to make room for the yarn order that'll be coming in. Ya, I've got yarn coming in. I got lots of suggestions yesterday on how to get more space to hide more yarn ... altho some of it is already being utilized. But this week I'll be cleaning out the winter clothes from closet & drawings and we all know that Summer clothes take up less space right. Now if I can loose more weight, we all know that means less material to fill the drawers ... making more room for more yarn right?

There's a plan developing here ...

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