Monday, May 21, 2007

My Goals for this Summer ...

Entering a Contest!

More than one blogger has this posted, so I'm going to have to find out from whom I heard about this first. Does that make any sense? Maybe not ... but check out the contest at Skeins her way ... and mention that I sent you if you decided to enter also.

The List ...

It's about my knitting goals for this Summer. Ali has some pretty detailed and ambitious goals and she makes me feel like one super slacker. But I'm probably a lot older and therefore running out of steam, right? I think my list is all that I'll be able to manage. If I can. And I'm not even sure about that. But remember, most of my knitting is done while I commute by train or the early morning hours [or during Community Knitting on Thursday or with the M.I.T. SnB girls during Thursday's lunch if I can listen while I knit and keep from talking too much.] Weekends are good for a few hours of knitting but I do have to do laundry, cook, clean and shop. Or at least when I finally can't put it off any longer. Okay, those are my excuses, so here's my list ....

1. Knit at least 5 pairs of socks. Starting "Grasshopper" with the present STR Silkies. One sock done so far and I don't want to fall into the SSS pattern. Casting on for the 2nd one tonight.

2. Knit Mango Noho #NH002 cotton summer top that I purchase from Lily Chin's collection as soon as I receive her pattern. Have the yarn but not the pattern yet.

3. A reversible cable scarf in lime green , also purchased from Lily Chin's collection. [I'll get back with the name of the yarn ... I've forgotten it already.] Started it a few days ago. [Update: the yarn is Lily Chin's Greenwich Village in her Signature Collection]

4. Knit the #B004-CP — in the book Expression cardigan sweater. I purchased the Broadway yarn from the Lily Chin collection for this and would like to start it this weekend.

5. Complete the orange Kid Silk scarf I started in January so I can wear it by this Oct/Nov.

6. Work on my sweater kit I purchased from the "Poetry in Stitches" collection. If you took a look at the sweater, then you'll know why I've got to get started on this soon if I want it to be done during the Winter months. I really don't expect to finish it this Summer.

7. Knit a felted purse and needle felt a picture on it. This is something I'll be creating from scratch. My own design on the purse that is.

8. Put together a syllabus for the needle felting class I'm giving in September at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn. Make a few samples besides the felted purse as well.

So have I bitten off more than I can chew and knit up?

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