Thursday, May 03, 2007

Missing in action ... but I'm knitting.

WIPs and Mail Call ... and my busy weekend ahead ...

Today is SnB Knitting at lunch and after work is Community Knitting.

"Becoming a 'Social Butterfly'," says the DH.

I'm laughing about that. But is he right?

Friday night I'll be going to a private book signing with Lily Chin at the Seed Stitch Fine Yarn. I always enjoy getting together with the girls even if I don't get much knitting done. I guess it's sometimes hard to talk and knit at the same time ... unless I'm listening and knitting. I can do that. But darn, I'm a talker!

Then on Saturday, I'll be attending one of Lily's knitting classes. The one on Reversible Cables. I'm looking forward to it and I even have all of my homework done & in the bag to take with me. Is this the route to becoming a master knitter? Well I'm working on it.

Then after class I'm going to dinner. Tell you about that on Monday ... so my lips are sealed until then.

Sunday, both the DH & I will be going to his sister's for "Dinner and a Movie" night. Always enjoyable to be with Mary. [his other sister, Pat is a gem also and I consider myself lucky to have two such wonderful SIL's]

Woohoo, I'm a butterfly!

Here's yesterday's Mail Call and I'm in love ... Sea Silk by Handmaiden Fine Yarn. Man is this yarn ever nice. I have got to knit a shawl with this. My first shawl, so it'll be a simple one. I might even know which pattern already. But I'll take suggestions. Got any?

The other yarn in my mail box was the next sock in the Sundara Sock Yarn series. The pattern is call Dahlia Socks and the yarn is yummy, yummy, yummy.

So pretty in pink!

Another WIP in my life is my STR from Blue Moon Fibers, Knee High to a Grasshopper using the colorway Walking on the Wild Tide.

This is still the first sock in progress, but I am in LOVE, love, love! Look at that heel! It's a "Short Row Heel", ladies and gents! Look at it up close. Does that look like short rows? I don't think so. I simply followed the directions step by step and didn't even see what was happening until it was all over. Pretty neat, huh?

But when will I get to this basket of sock yarn? And that doesn't even count the stuff I have hidden away.

Hey, I'm not a butterfly ... I'm a grasshopper!

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