Sunday, May 20, 2007

From Grasshopper to Butterfly ...

High tea at the Four Seasons Hotel Boston was an experience to have at least once in my lifetime. My knitting friend, Dotty came along to keep me company and out of trouble. Not thinking that I could get her into trouble right? Well don't worry we got on the right train and even made it through the MBTA Subway system with only minor confusion. Minor. Really. Honestly. But we got there with no problem. Coming back was a little more confusing; did we get a Charlie Card or Charlie Ticket? And what's the difference? The difference is whether you can get thru the gate or not and get on a train, LOL.

It was a cool and raining day but we managed to stay somewhat dry. First we met at the Salem Train Station and knit on the ride into Boston. From there we took the Green Line to Boylston Street and had about a block and a half walk to the Four Seasons. Hard to recognize it as an entrance huh, with all of the luxury cars lined up at the door, but this is where we went in and then thru the lobby to the Bristol Lounge.

Once we were shown to our table we could relax and enjoy the atmosphere and good conversation while tea, mini sandwiches, scones and pastries were brought to us. It was a nice leisurely event. I had a wonderful time. And the fact that we didn't have to pay anything, including the tax or gratuity, well how could it be any better than that. Thanks, Victoria! It was misty out when we left but we casually walked back to the subway and got to North Station in plenty of time to catch our train back to Salem. Well, after we got help in getting the right amount of money put on Dotty's Charlie Ticket that is. We did have to bother the MBTA attendant to help us. A smile could have cracked his face, so he didn't. [smile that is] But Dotty and I laughed about that. We're still clueless about how to tell if you should get a Ticket or a Card.

Bet Charlie couldn't figure it out either.

Then the train left us off at Government Center since it was the end of the line for it to run. So we had to wait for another one to take us to North Station. Oops, we almost go on one that wasn't going to North Station either. We laughed. And a fleeting thought entered my head that we could be caught below the streets of Boston, just like Charlie ... "the knitters who never returned." Whoa, but we still had 30 minutes ... 30 minutes to knit while we waited for the Salem train from North Station. Of course there was even more knitting and conversation on the train while we headed home.

Thanks for coming with me, Dotty. I had a wonderful time!

Now about that $500 story ...

Just a short story really.

When my DH and I brought the tea cozy in to Abbot Hall to be entered into the Marblehead Festival of Arts, one of the ladies noticed that I didn't have a sales dollar amount listed on my entry. She asked, "You don't want to sell the cozy?" "Well, I didn't intend to sell it." I said, "But I suppose I wouldn't turn down $500.00 if it was offered to me." "Oh well then," she said "We'll put down $500.00 then." And at that point I wasn't going to say "No." Of course as DH pointed out, I could buy lots of yarn with that.

Do you think he knows what I've already got invested in my stash?

Naaaaaah ...

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