Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

What a beautiful weekend. We drove over to Marblehead to enter my Little Felt-Tea Farm tea cozy into the Marblehead Festival of Arts. [I'd link to their website but my computer keeps locking up when I try too.]

I find out in the middle of June if it'll be accepted in the show and if I win an award. Wish me luck! One of the awards is "people's choice" so maybe a few of my friends would love to go and put in a good word for my cozy. {hint, hint} And the festival would be fun to attend also.

I really should get back to doing more needle felting. I know I want to but there's too many other things I really to do right now.

Like working in the garden.

But today is now Mother's Day and after finding out the good news at Weight Watches that I lost another 1.8 lbs, I knew it was okay to go out to dinner. As long as I behave myself that is. That's now a total of 13.4 lbs. [double yippy hurray!]

But first we drove to Lawrence. Why Lawrence? Well I have Jury Duty in June and since I've never been there before, I felt better if we head up that way to find out how far and how long it would take to get there and if whether I would need help getting there later on. My DH decided that he wants to drive me up and back. He doesn't think I should do it alone. I'm actually happy about that ... and I'm praying it gets cancelled. I wouldn't mind if I was going to do Jury Duty right here in Salem. In fact, I would love that. I would find it interesting and I could even walk to get there. But Lawrence? Not a good place to be when you don't know you're way around. But I'll do it if I have too.

On the drive back ... and BTW it was a nice day to drive up there and back today ... we stopped at the Liberty Tree Mall for dinner at Vinni T's. Yum, yum ... but I did bring half of it home. Can't eat as much as I use to for sure.

All in all a beautiful day!

Of course I got the most beautiful flowers from my daughter yesterday also. Aren't these just gorgeous?

I love getting flowers. Don't you?

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