Saturday, May 19, 2007

What happened to the comment link?

Is it Blogger or Haloscan?

Don't know yet, but I do know that Blogger now automatically saves our drafts, but the "comments" ability has disappeared. I thought this morning it was because I have an outdated browzer on my home computer and I can't update until I get a newer computer installed. But I don't know if that's true or not. Anyone else having this problem? I have my comments set to "on" ... I even checked to be sure.

Well I have an answer for Mafia about the STR colors ...

Left to right: Sun Stone, Ruby Slippers, Sherbet and Rhodonite. I believe you're intersted in the Ruby Slippers, Mafia. It is pretty! There's a sock out there that calls to be knit with it but I have to let you know later what it is.

This post is to see if my comment link is back. If it is, let me know here or if it isn't just contact me by email at ... rhondarc AT gmail DOT com. Either way ... drop me a line anytime.

I'll be back tomorrow ! About that $500.00 ....

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